Australian’s death metal brute force Beyond Mortal Dreams is now releasing a compilation CD consisting of band’s demo, promo and 2004 EP tracks along with a “Lake of Fire” cover version by Nocturnus featuring Mike Browning on backing vocals, and a re-recording of “The Underground Dwellers” track. This is a flashback into the still-fresh sounding material from the past as well as a reminder of the coming up, sophomore full-length in 2017.
The CD comes with an eight pages booklet filled-up with photos of the old days. It contains a write-up by band’s ex-drummer Hellaeon perfectly capturing the passion of the old days which is still sparkling and burning to these days in some of us while many has failed or fallen.

You can listen to the Nocturnus cover at following location:

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No digital release.

1. Lamia
2. Demonsword Infernal
3. Hellstorms of the Coming Apocalypse
4. Destined For Annihilation
5. The Earth Belongs to Hell
6. The Demon and the Tree of the Dead
7. Flag of Hate (Kreator cover)
8. Lake of Fire (Nocturnus cover)
9. Underground Dwellers (Re-recorded version)
Total time: 47:03

DAY OF DOOM - The Second Coming CD

The New York’s death metal trio is releasing a compilation CD consisting of their first two, never officially released, albums “Night of Horror” (2006) and “Slaves To Insanity” (2015 re-recording the 2010 sophomore LP). It’s fourteen tracks portraying the evolution of this Long Island’s devastating unit. “Night of Horror”contains Doug Cerrito as guest involved in the album’s production and laying down two leads.
Expect an original mixture of NYDM sickness accompanied with horror psychedelia and horror atmospheres which had even intensified on band’s third 2014 album “The Gates of Horror” issued on Lavadome.
The band is currently finishing their new album “Descent of Humanity” where they have brushed and refined their musical formula.

Two tracks teaser from the compilation is streaming a below:

The CD can be purchased from Lavadome store at:

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“Night of Horror”
01. Pale Delineations
02. The Unblinking Eye
03. Tempest of Revenge
04. Nightmare Child
05. Womb of Hell
06. Hatred Is
“Slaves To Insanity”
(Rerecording 2015)

07. Kill All the Humans
08. Perpetual Sorrow
09. Lust for Blood
10. Release the Inner Demon
11. These Creatures
12. The Exalted Ones
13. Inhumans
14. Slaves to Insanity
Total Time: 51:21