Wisconsin based Death Metal act Ara signs with Lavadome for the release of its second album "Jurisprudence". The album was once again recorded at Howl Street Studios and mastered by Leon Macey of death metal powerhouse Mithras, the record has a massive sound that mirrors the density of the material. The album will consist of 8 tracks and will be issued via Lavadome later this year, eventually early the next. The cover art will be handled by Eliran Kantor.

Ara is of the rare breed of bands which doesn't conform to the genre's clichés just to accommodate the listener. The band's natural focus is to compose music challenging the musicality, hand in hand with composition, to venture into the sombre fields of extremity where the band and listener are left alone to embrace and be embraced by the music (art) itself. Lavadome will always approve such creative attitude and will never fully submit to the million times rehashed formulas the Death Metal genre is nowadays overwhelmed with which makes the once erupting, living and evolving musical genre but an average form of entertainment. Leave us out here.

Thereby we reveal the third track of the album "Cytokine Storm". The band has issued following statement towards the musical and lyrical content:

Cytokine Storm represents the most focused attack of the band on the record thematically, while still challenging the listener and the boundaries of the death metal approach in general. The lyrical theme is about how the body self-destructs during the final stages of infection from Ebola, so the music takes on a viral approach as though the listener is bombarded with inhibiting structures, eventually succumbing to fatal illness while paralyzed by confusion and despair.

Lavadome will also release the band's unrelenting debut album "Devourer of Worlds". More news in due time.

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