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After the split CD between Horror God and Techne, Horror God returns with their new LP entitled "Cursed Seeds". The album will be released in September 27, 2019.

One could describe "Cursed Seeds" in many ways: Technical, avantgarde, experimental death metal and so on but you know what really counts except this is still extreme Death Metal record? This music comes from the soul and emerged from the chemistry that exists within the members of the band. It resonates deep inside. It's atmospehric, brutal but also gentle and overall impressive. Do listen, listen more, do find those moments!

The first single of the record "Age of Madness" can be heard below:

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During the recording of what's to be Beyond Mortal Dreams' second album, entitled "Abomination of Flames", the band decided to drop out a cover version of the Bestial Warlust classic "At the Graveyard of God" taken from the album "Vengeance War till Death". The whole song is accompanied by a video which simply fits the violence and brutality of the song itself.

Doomsayer of the band comments "Every now and then we like to throw out a tribute song to pay homage to the songs that have enriched (or savaged) our lives. Whilst we are in the midst of tracking the next album and gearing towards our two upcoming shows with Eskhaton, we're proud to fill the void with our rendition of what we think is one of the most savage songs to come out of this hellish country of Australia!"

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Released on June 20th, Omegalitheos is an album that expands upon the violent nature of the genre. Each of its 14 tracks resurrects the energy of darkness and chaos in its prime through Total Death worship moving Death Metal to a level of absolute, psychotic Death.

Recorded in analog, Omegalitheos is an album that will be talked about in many years to come. Each note on the album embodies an extremity that's bound to remain a megalith out of time.

Enter the Abyss Unknown now.

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Lyric video for "Faith Delirius Imago" is done. Rejoice in vicious energies of pure, dark, unholy Death Metal! Get a copy of the "Emissaries of Morning" MCD from the Lavadome store or Bandcamp now if you haven't done it yet.

A lost gem from last year definitely worth revisiting… If you like your death metal to be visionary and twisted and to masterfully follow in the footsteps of legends...then you have found your new favorite band. Dominhate, bring all the 90’s best death metal glory to the table.
- Cvlt Nation


Click read more in order to see Slippy, the drummer of Dominhate, pulverizing the drums in a playthrough of "Faith Delirius Imago".

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Cover art by Kirill.

The Split CD between HORROR GOD and TECHNE is now gold and ready to penetrate your aural systems. Lavadome is gratified to be able to release such a piece of Death Metal which rises from the underground above the stale, mediocre waters where a lot of Death Metal drowns in and never creeps out of. Not to follow but to create can be the motto behind the material found on this split CD. This can be said even with the HORROR GOD's cover version of PURULENCE track "Sinking Into Transparency" in mind because what else could be an underground testament to the visionary execution of Death Metal than such a monster of a song.

01. Golden Billion
02. Dust
03. We Are
04. Sinking Into Transparency (PURULENCE cover)
TECHNE side:
05. Breathe
06. Conviction
07. Techne
08. Finita la Commedia

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Omegalitheos Total Death! A particle of the the supermassive force has just been revealed. "Omegalitheos" will be released early 2018.

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It's getting close. You can now listen to a demo song from the impending, sophomore album "Abomination of the Flames". To be released in conspiration with Lavadome productions in 2018.
T-Shirt pre-orders and are currently running - more info in the video (2:19 mark). Conflagrate!

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The time to reveal the cover art for the upcoming, third album by Eskhaton has come. Bow down and worship the Omegalitheos.

ESKHATON - Omegalitheos - Cover Art by Daemorph
[Greater and more detailed preview of the cover can be seen at Photobucket].

Art created by Daemorph.
Daemorph @ Facebook
Daemorph @ VK.COM

Lavadome Productions thereby announces the signing of Australian cataclysmic Death Metal force Eskhaton for the release of band's third album entitled "Omegalitheos".
The "Omegalitheos" phenomenon will exhibit powerful 14 songs of psycho violence brought to levels above its predecessors.
Expect nothing but TOTAL DEATH.

ESKHATON can be channeled through these sources:

Oh, Walpurgisnacht. The fires have been set ablaze and Lavadome productions reveals the pact sealed with Barren Void Records to become the official distribution source for TOTALITARIAN's debut album "De Arte Tragoediae Divinae".

TOTALITARIAN. The shadowy nihilistic black deathmachine is now about to spread the poisonous ashes of its first full-length manifest.
The 56-minute opus, both massive and elusive, entitled “De Arte Tragoediae Divinae” will unleash the purity of its will onto those who are eager for a more penetrating enlightenment.
The time has never been riper.

A thousand years will pass and the guilt will still not be erased. There will be no conquerors and no conquests… Only charred bones of the dead.

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